This page is about what videos we upload, when we upload or what series we have created. For now we just upload to YouTube but in the future we may or may not upload to other sites.

Games We Play Edit

What games each member has uploaded to either there channel, the hq or has appeared in someone else's video

Magnus Robert Edit

  • Day-z standalone
  • Grand theft auto five
  • Path Of Exile ( One off, uploaded to the Hq )
  • JFK Reloaded ( One off )
  • Sleeping Dogs
  • Call Of Duty Ghosts
  • Wolf Among Us
  • The Walking Dead Social Game
  • Flappy Bird ( One Off )
  • Super Ball Juggling ( One Off )
  • Shuriken Block ( One Off )
  • Ironpants ( One Off )
  • iFruit App ( One Off )
  • Into The Dead ( One Off )